Akihabara Bright Lights

Recently Akihabara is a very convenient place for foreigners, local business persons, and Anime/Hobby geeks. By five minutes walk, you can find so many cosplayed girls called "ME-I-DO". They are cosplayed as anime characters. From the noontime, the customers are full in their restaurants here. over 300 restaurants are in Akihabara, serve with drinks and foods and specialties with their dances and songs. For the business person, the Akihabara is entrance station to Tokyo Station area. This town is the not for nightlife so that before eight o'clock most shops will close and there will be a quiet place. 


Around four hundred years before, there's one big food market called "Ya-cha-ba" for Edo people. Edo is the biggest city in Tokyo with one billion population. In the market, they shouted "Ya-Ccchaa" and "Ya-Ccchaa" like "heave-ho!". Yachaba is now called Aki-Ba-Hara and Aki-Ha-Bara. So confused.